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     In July 1954 Ted & Bette Papas wrote a letter to Frank Lloyd Wright asking him to design a home for them in St. Louis.  They were invited to visit with Mr. Wright at Taliesin in Wisconsin.  He agreed to design a concrete home for then only after they would find a site well outside the city.  In 1955 they bought eight acres of farmland and sent a topographic survey to Mr. Wright.  They received preliminary sketches and where invited to visit with Mr. Wright at Taliesin West in Arizona.  Changes where made to the plan and final construction drawings completed.  In 1958 the Pappas’s decided that the site was to far out in the farmland and found the current site on three acres near the intersection of Mason and Highway 40.  Ted and Bette did a lot of the construction work themselves with the help of hired workers and volunteer summer help from architectural students at Washington University. The house was completed in October 1964, ten years after first contacting Mr. Wright.  Ted & Betty raised four children in the home and it is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

     Efforts are under way to preserve this historic Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian Home. For more information please contact Skip Mange at 314-401-6129.