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A historic log cabin, contained within a house at 13348 Conway Road in the City of Town & Country, was about to be torn down.  The Town & Country Historical Society (non-profit, 501-C-3), with the cooperation of the City of Town & Country started a campaign to raise $12,000 to save this piece of our community heritage by disassembling, moving, and storing the log cabin and its stone foundation and reconstruction in Drace Park.

The Town & Country Board of Aldermen and the Mayor passed an Ordinance approving a contract for this effort, subject to funding coming from private donations.  Both the Town & Country Conservation and Historical Preservation and the Parks and Trails Commissions support this action.   The property owner has been very cooperative in this matter, but his builder was scheduled to tear down the existing house that contains the log cabin sometime after December 15, 2012.  We moved quickly to raise the $12,000 necessary to save this log cabin from a landfill.  The logs and stones where moved log by log to Drace Park and stored there under cover.  A grant application was approved by the St. Louis Country Parks Grant Commission for 85% of the funds needed to reconstruct the log cabin in Drace Park.  This work has now been completed and the cabin is now ready for viewing along with two other log cabins in the park.  

This historic log cabin built around 1854 was a part of West County referred to as New Alsace, owned by a George Oge, designated as the Postmaster for the area in about 1875.  The cabin is still in excellent condition as it has been covered on the outside but is completely exposed in the inside.  Adding this historic log cabin to Drace Park with the other two existing log cabin provides the city with an opportunity to create a unique historical setting for the education and enjoyment of our residents, our neighbors, and our schools.

Tax deductible donations to help preserve this historic log cabin can be sent to the 




For more information please contact Skip Mange at 314-401-6129

Log Cabin Preservation Project